About Us


About Velokhaya

Velokhaya’s tagline, ‘growing champs on and off the bike’, is realised through its free, year-round, innovative programming.

This includes: cycling (road and BMXing), nutrition, after-school tutoring, mentoring, and a post-school IT programme that equips youth with skills to thrive in the Digital Economy.

Our values

Community, Respect, Honesty, Passion and Dedication.

We show respect for each other, our community, and our partners and honour our time and work. With care and purposeful action, we create space for meaningful discoveries, healing, growth and evolution.

We understand that our Community is at the heart of all our work, as, similarly, we are at the centre of our communities. To be changemakers, we seek ways to collaborate and support others with a similar mission.

We believe that being open, honest and transparent in all dealings prevents misunderstandings and enables frank and challenging conversations to take place.

We commit to all rides, projects, and programmes, be it on or off the bike, with passion (giving it 100% of our time and focus) and dedication to ensuring that it is successful and that our members and community reap the benefits.